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Voodoo Cues

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Introducing our extraordinary collection - Voodoo Cues, an exquisite fusion of Louisiana Voodoo legend and contemporary craftsmanship. Every cue is an eternal tribute, captivatingly adorned with laser-etched designs and graphics that breathe life into this mystical art.

Each cue boasts a North American Maple shaft, available in either 12mm or 13mm, ensuring unparalleled precision. For an enchanting grip, these cues are wrapped in smooth black pebbled leather, guaranteeing comfort and unwavering control.

The cues, with their exceptional durability, equip stainless steel butt caps and joints, promising longevity and enduring performance. The magic continues with a 7-layer medium leather tip, offering consistent and reliable play in every game.

Each Voodoo cue comes with a 1-year manufacturer's warranty, safeguarding against any craftsmanship or defect issues.

Voodoo Cue Features:
Digital Engraving, Blood Pulsing Bumper Logo, Midnight Leather Wraps, 13 mm 7-Layered Tip, Weights Adjustable, Extra Shafts 12 & 13 mm, 5/16 x 18 Piloted Joint

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