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Katana Cues

Katana's Performance Advantage
The most important factor in cue ball deflection is cue end mass. Katana shafts use a ferrule that is half the length with thinner walls to reduce the amount of cue ball "squirt" during play.
10-Piece Split Radial Construction
The grain in a solid wooden shaft creates a natural spine which affects how the cue ball reacts to impact. Rotating the cue, even a quarter turn, will change how the shaft performs. By splitting the shaft into ten sections and alternating the direction of the grain, Katana removes natural variances and provides lower deflection and more consistent results.
Katana Cue Features:
12.5 mm Katana Tip by Tiger, Solid Black Irish Linen Wrap, Piloted Uni-Loc Joint, 3/8 Katana Ferrule, Weight Adjustable, 29" 10pc Low Deflection Shaft, Stainless Steel Joint Protectors, Ivory colored shaft sleeve & velvet case for protection

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