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Fury Cues

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Fury has nearly 50 years of craftsmanship and cue production experience, perfecting build quality and delivering passion to billiards enthusiasts worldwide. The craftsmen meticulously engineer each cue with detailed configurations and marvelous designs, creating an artistic and beautiful masterpiece. They use a range of materials in constructing these cues, from straight-grained hard rock maple wood to rare exotic woods, skillfully customizing and processing them over time. Additionally, they incorporate refined alloy, marble, leather, jade, and other special components to enhance the cue's exceptional performance. Fury cues are the result of years of study and improvement in the production process. This makes them finely-tuned and perfectly balanced. They incorporate low-deflection shaft enhancements, along with well-made ferrules, to achieve precise ball deflection reduction.

Fury offers an extensive selection of styles and pricing options, catering to players of different skill levels and preferences. Regardless of the cue chosen, the commitment to perfection and quality remains consistent across all Fury cues. Whichever cues you choose from Fury, you are guaranteed to be having the best result of craftsmanship and top material.

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