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Schon Cues

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Schon Cues made with the finest materials by master craftsmen since 1981 and designed for real players - money players and pros alike. Nothing hits like a Schön. 

Schon is a family-owned small company by choice, where a master craftsman builds every cue on 1 of 5 tables, safeguarding the practices, art, and engineering which define Schön Cues. 

Schon manufactures standard 58″ cues, with weights ranging from 19 oz. to about 21 oz. You can obtain extra lengths by using a longer shaft. All materials have high quality and integrity, including Phenolic lined stainless steel joints and stainless steel pins. High-impact delrin is used for butt plates. The joint pilots and mates with a phenolic cushioned brass insert on the shaft. Shafts are available in diameter from 11.5 mm to 14 mm and in length from 18″ to 32″. 

Schön Cue Features:
Exclusive CX Models, 13 mm Proprietary Hard Tip, 5/16 X 14 Piloted Joint. Extra Shafts Available, Stains & Veneers Vary.
Made in the USA
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