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Mezz Cues

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Mezz cues are made in Japan by MIKI company. In Japanese, "Mezz" means "something that is loved, something that is treasured."
MIKI company builds the cues to the highest standards using some of the finest materials from around the world. The company makes the cues with a commitment to total quality control at each step of the way. They do not outsource any part of production, and this is the very reason for the high standards you see in the final product. They carefully craft the best materials using both traditional and modern methods. Designs are unique and unforgettable, ranging from the understated shapes to complex and intricate patterns. Mezz is known nowadays to be the finest in production cues.
Mezz Cue Features:
5/16 x 14 United Joint, Solid Feel & Hit, WX700 Shaft, 12.5 mm Kamui Tip, Weight Adjustable, Joint Protectors Included, Various Extra Shafts, Some Exclusive Models
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